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Quick Facts

  1. Guaranteed job, airfare and accommodation.

  2. No age limit.

  3. No Degree or experience necessary.

  4. 25,000 jobs worldwide.

  5. No Need to speak the local language.

  6. Study in-class, online or by correspondence.

The world's population has exploded in the demand to not only learn but more importantly to USE the English language!

At the same time the globe's borders and travel destinations have expanded, resulting in an ultra-mobile society where both young and old are setting their sites beyond their home city, country, and continent, as they yearn to venture out into the far-reaching predominantly unexplored corners of this amazingly diverse planet.

Thousands of people just like you desire to travel the world seeking adventure, culturally rich experiences, freedom, money and global employment opportunities far superior to local limited job options, all in a secure environment-and they are fulfilling their dreams as you read this…and so can YOU! All this is possible regardless of your experience level, age or educational background!

Global TESOL College makes this all possible for YOU by successfully matching the needs of the English learners worldwide with the aspirations of those hungry to explore the world as they share their knowledge of the new world language-English.

Global TESOL College (a division of Global TESOL College) was established in 1994, with the specific goal of professionally training and TESOL certifying native and fluent nonnative speakers of English… enabling graduates to find excellent jobs as they traveled the world teaching English.

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