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Quick Facts

  1. Guaranteed job, airfare and accommodation.

  2. No age limit.

  3. No Degree or experience necessary.

  4. 25,000 jobs worldwide.

  5. No Need to speak the local language.

  6. Study in-class, online or by correspondence.

Global TESOL College was established by an association of both foreign and North American English-language educators and professionals. We were overwhelmed by the growing global demand for trained and certified English teachers worldwide, but found that North America had little to offer in the way of training that was specifically geared to meet the demands of the overseas language schools and students. Thousands of people were teaching overseas (many merely picked off the street because they looked like foreigners!), but the results were poor, or mediocre at best, but the students in many cases did not know the difference.

Ten years ago it was known as the "Wild West" of English teaching. Many people already employed in this field had the potential to be excellent teachers, but lacked the formal training to effectively and efficiently teach their students to know and USE the English language with confidence…. But times have changed….. Now the world wants TESOL trained and certified teachers.

We are here to ensure that you are trained properly so that you can have fun as you do an excellent job-and you will be rewarded accordingly. We also are here to ensure that you are properly prepared for your international adventure BEFORE you jet-set off to a foreign land. The ill-prepared in many cases are unable to cope, dislike their situation, and return home early-miserable. Do not be one of these people! You want to have FUN, but you also need to be prepared.

    Mr. Loren Yaremchuk
  • 5-year B.Sc in International Development Economics from the
University of Alberta, Canada
    • Professional Diploma in TESOL
    • TESOL Course Instructor of over 75 In-Class TESOL Courses
    • TESOL Course Instructor Trainer

Mr. Loren Yaremchuk , the Director of Global TESOL College since 1994, has spent the past 15 years working in the explosive TESOL teacher-training industry. His ongoing study, development and implementation of TESOL methodologies, and his passion for academic excellence, play prime roles in ensuring that all TESOL course students receive an excellent education. He was instrumental in bringing the "Travel and Teach English" employment opportunity into the mainstream awareness of the North American people.

Teaching and raveling in over 30 countries to date, Mr. Yaremchuk continually visits ESL schools in many different countries, collecting new teaching techniques and employment information, while sharing his ongoing TESOL research and global insights with students, teachers and ESL professionals worldwide.

Mr. Yaremchuk has worked overseas on English-language and international development projects with both the federal governments (Canada, Ukraine, Cuba and Myanmar) and the private sector (Peru, Poland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Thailand, China, Brazil, Greece and Hong Kong), as well as on TESOL-related projects in Canada and the United States of America.

The world is full of exciting English-teaching opportunities-and we are here to enable YOU to experience a new career in another country for the experience of a lifetime!

Global TESOL College is your passport to Travel and Teach English Around the Globe!
Join the adventure today… the world is waiting for YOU…!

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