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Quick Facts

  1. Guaranteed job, airfare and accommodation.

  2. No age limit.

  3. No Degree or experience necessary.

  4. 25,000 jobs worldwide.

  5. No Need to speak the local language.

  6. Study in-class, online or by correspondence.

Keep in mind that when you are teaching overseas, there are seldom set rules that apply in every given situation. Rules vary from country to country, and each school is different. As a result, so will each situation vary from one job to another, and the following questions and answers may or may not apply to you.

What, exactly, is a TESOL (or TEFL/TESL) certificate?
TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TESOL (or TEFL/TESL) teaches people whose first language is not English how to speak, listen, read and write in English as well as dozens of other useful techniques.

Why do I need to be TESOL certified to teach English overseas?
A lot of countries require TESOL certification for their work visa. A few years ago, the only requirements schools had were that their teachers could speak English, but now they are looking for more qualified staff members. By taking the TESOL program, you are assuring your employer that you have as much invested in teaching overseas as they have in bringing you over to teach for them. It also prepares you for more than teaching. Our course has an extensive section on contract negotiations, living and working overseas, as well as an in-depth look at culture shock.

What is the difference between a TESOL course and a TESOL program?
Our standard 60-hour TESOL course contains everything a teacher would need to teach conversational English. All aspects of language acquisition are covered, as well as a detailed look at the job process. The TESOL programs, also consist of nine other specialization's in order to prepare you for more in demand and higher paying jobs. Our specialized English courses are listed below.

How long is the average TESOL certificate course/program?
The standard course is sixty hours long. Each of the specialization courses is sixty hours as well. There is no standard length of time required for students to complete the course; some people finish it in two weeks while others require two or more years. There has never been a deadline to complete our courses and it's nice to know that it may be completed anywhere in the world.

What are the number of hours that overseas schools look for in a TESOL certificate?
These days, with so many fly-by-night TESOL courses, schools have been getting an influx of teachers who have TESOL certifications but do not know the first thing about teaching. To combat this, schools have been recently asking for 100-hour plus courses. If you have already completed your standard 60-hour TESOL course and have yet to finish your specialization course, make sure you inform your future employer that you plan to have the course finished by a certain date.

What is the price range of the TESOL courses/programs available today?
TESOL courses can range between 200 and 4000 dollars, but you don't always get what you pay for. Do your research to ensure that you get the best quality for your money. Our TESOL manual is over 1200 pages long and is the best teacher-training manual out there. Other TESOL companies have manuals that are a couple hundred pages long or consist of textbooks you could purchase yourself from any bookstore.

Is it necessary to have teaching experience prior to taking a TESOL course/program?
Absolutely not. Our course is designed for anyone to complete and enjoy. Our students' age range is from 17 to 74, and each person takes something different from the course. So if you are an experienced teacher or if you have never stood up in front of a class before, this course is for you.

How long is Global TESOL College's foundation TESOL certification program?
The course can be taken in three different ways. Correspondence and online is completed at your leisure and should take around 60-hours to finish. The in-class version is broken up into three different parts. The first part is done in class by providing you with 33 hours of classroom work, this is then followed by 7 hours of homework during the class, and 20 hours of reading once the class is finished.

Does the above 120-hour Global TESOL program guarantee me a job teaching English overseas?
In today's economy, it is almost impossible to not find one of the 20 000 jobs available. We guarantee you will find a job if you follow our process, but you must send out your own resumes. During the course, we teach you the best way to be proactive in your job search so that it is almost impossible not to find a job.

I am already a schoolteacher. Will I benefit from your program(s)?
Schoolteachers benefit the most from our program, because they have the practical knowledge coming into the class. We offer so many different techniques that teachers who have been teaching ESL in particular have even learned new things. Beyond that, teaching English as a second language is completely different from any other kind of teaching. ESL requires a great deal of Student Talk Time (STT) and raising the STT takes new methods and new techniques.

What is a teaching practicum?
A teaching practicum is a volunteered length of teaching that a student does prior to going overseas in order to try out the new methods he or she has learned. In the in-class version of our course, students teach language acquisition in a stimulated ESL environment, so correspondence or online students must also do so. Our 10, 20 or 30-hour practicum must also be completed by students registered for our advanced diploma program.

Is it necessary to partake in a teaching practicum in order to secure an overseas teaching position?
If you have not taken the foundation course in-class, it is necessary for you to compete the practicum. In extenuating circumstances where there is absolutely no way to complete the practicum in your home town, we are able to issue you a interim TESOL certificate and you can complete your practicum overseas. We also take into consideration any previous teaching or tutoring you might have done, which eliminates the need for a practicum.

Does Global TESOL College offer FREE overseas teaching practicum's for TESOL graduates?
Yes, in our TESOL course our instructor will explain how you will have the option to do a free teaching practicum at a location of your choice anywhere in the world. Our TESOL course is world-recognized, therefore a practicum is not a requirement for employment. Practicum's are volunteer-based and require that you provide your own airfare and expenses.


How many certification and diploma programs does the Global TESOL College offer?
As of right now, we offer five programs. Program I is our Advanced TESOL certification which includes our foundation course and one specialization, Program II is our Teach in Korea Scholarship program, Program III is our Professional TESOL Certificate which includes our foundation course and three specialization's, Program IV is our Standard TESOL Diploma which is our foundation course and five of our specialization's, and Program V is our Professional TESOL Diploma which is our foundation course plus nine of our specialization's

  How many specialization courses does the Global TESOL College offer?
We have nine specialization courses right now. Teaching grammar, small or corporate business English, TOEFL preparation, teaching children, teaching adults, tourism English, tutoring English, teaching practicum and our independent study elective. We also have computer English, legal English and medical English coming soon.

How can I study for your programs and courses (which study options do you offer)?
We have three different methods of study. The first is our in-class course offered in major cities in Canada and starting in 2003, throughout the United States. If you live in one of the major cities and can have the time off, this is the preferred method of completion. Classes are fun, lively, and full of like-minded people. Students learn from each other as well as the instructor. If you cannot take the time off or if you do not live in a major center you can take the course online or through correspondence. The only difference between the two is that the online course is available through the computer while the correspondence course has a manual.

Is the online/correspondence foundation TESOL course equally valued by overseas schools in comparison to the in-class foundation TESOL course?
Absolutely. There is no difference in the materials covered, regardless of the method of study.

I have already taught English overseas for one year, but in order to get a job when I go back again I need a TESOL Certificate. Is this program the right one for me?
The more experience you have in teaching, the more our TESOL course makes sense to you. A quarter of our graduates have previously taught overseas.

I have never taught English or any other subject before, will I be able to complete this program?
Teaching is a matter of bringing what you know across to your students. We don't have to teach you how to speak English, we teach you how to bring that across. If you attend each day, participate in the lessons, and complete your mini-lesson, you will understand how your students feel to be ESL learners and you will know how to help them learn.

What is the difference between TESL, TEFL, TESOL and CELTA?
TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) all teach English to nonnative English speakers. The only difference is TESL is for teaching in an English speaking country while TEFL is for teaching English abroad. TESOL encapsulates them both. CELTA is the British equivalent to the TESOL, but the 80 hours a TESOL student completes at their own pace is done in a classroom setting.

Why would I want a TESOL Certificate instead of a TESL, TEFL, or CELTA certificate?
This question should be why do you want a Global TESOL Certificate over all others. Global TESOL has the highest level of language acquisition of all the courses, and we prepare our students for all aspects of life overseas.

NOTE: If you have a question that has not been answered below, or if you would like to speak to one of our Global TESOL advisors concerning upcoming course dates, registration, or any other matter, feel free to e-mail us at: (Global Tesol malaysia e-mail add)
You are also welcome to call us on (Global Tesol Malaysia phone number)


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