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Quick Facts

  1. Guaranteed job, airfare and accommodation.

  2. No age limit.

  3. No Degree or experience necessary.

  4. 25,000 jobs worldwide.

  5. No Need to speak the local language.

  6. Study in-class, online or by correspondence.

You may register for all of our in-class, online and correspondence programs and courses by fax. If you are ordering a correspondence program or course by fax, be sure to add the appropriate shipping and handling fees, which are listed on the registration form.

If you are registering by fax to take Course A (Standard TESOL Course) in-class, submit full program payment at the time of the fax registration, or you may pay a RM1330  deposit to reserve your seat, then pay the remainder in person on the first day of the course, plus the RM190 late payment processing fee.

Follow these simple steps to to make your postal booking:

1. Download and print off an application form (doc)
2. Fill out your credit or debit card details on the form
3. Fax in your application form on the numbers below:

Applying from Malaysia?

Call us:


If you are eligible for a special offer then include the special price on the application form and make out the discounted amount on the cheque.


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